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Listed here are a number of useful Arrernte resources with web links. This section is where we will put links to information and resources that are relevant and interesting for Arrernte language. If you have links you would like us to include, please email them through to with a heading, image, text and link web address.

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Arrernte akaltyele antetyeke apurte-irretyeke | If you are teaching Arrernte, these workshops are an opportunity for Arrernte Educators to get together and share resources and ideas and create new ones together. Workshop invitations and reports attached here. From the third workshop, it was agreed to invite teachers of other languages too.

Read more is an Arrernte language resource, housing an online audio version of the revised Eastern & Central Arrernte Learners Wordlist, the original of which was published by IAD in the early 1990s.

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Arrernte Higher Education Language Teaching 2020

During 2020, Batchelor Institute CALL staff taught Arrernte in the CDU Higher Education Introduction to Languages courses AIS161 and AIS162. For an insight into the Arrernte course taught in 2020, listen to Kumalie Riley discussing the course in the attached short films. Two versions are attached, one is 3 mins long, the other 10 mins.

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Arrernte language landscape

From Undoolya Road to Antulye Street: Arrernte street signs in Alice Springs Arrernte signs on buildings in Alice Springs Prior to European contact in Central Australia, Arrernte speaking people enjoyed exclusive ownership of the landscape and its resources surrounding the MacDonnell ranges – the region now occupied by the town of Alice Springs.

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Pertame (Southern Arrernte)

Access and download language learning resources for the Pertame language here, including resources on Pertame kinship, songs, games, bush foods, medicine, animals, plants, history, and more. Use these resources to share and teach Pertame in your own homes.

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Western Arrernte/Arrarnta

View and download Western Arrernte resources here. This is not a comprehensive set of resources, but rather the one or few we have here at CALL. There are different spellings of Western Arrernte/Arrarnta that are reflected in the different resources. Details about the spelling used are usually provided in the front of the various resources.

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Ayeye thipe-akerte project

The Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics and Batchelor Institute Press are proud to present: Ayeye Thipe-akerte Arrernte Stories about Birds By Eastern Arrernte artist and writer Therese Ryder. Iwenhenge the pipe nhenhe mpwareke apele, ayenge ampe putyelenge amangkeke.

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Pertame Project Team Present at the AIATSIS Summit in Adelaide

The Pertame Master-Apprentice team travelled to Adelaide last week to present at the National Indigenous Research Conference as a part of the 2021 AIATSIS Summit. Shania Armstrong, Auriel Swan, Vanessa Farrelly & Samantha Armstrong gave a presentation about the program, while making new connections with First Nations leaders from across Australia.

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Apmere angkentye-kenhe | A place for language

CALL is proud to support the Apmere Angentye-kenhe project, launched in June 2017. This project was produced by Watch this Space Inc, in collaboration with an Arrernte language team. Link to the Apmere Ankentye-kenhe website for more information about this project.

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