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Kaytetye language teaching

CALL is supporting the Kaytetye language program at Neutral School through resource publishing and printing. It also supports the Kaytetye Indigemoji project, Kaytetye bird website and makes available the popular Kaytetye Bird poster and Kaytetye edible insect larvae poster. Click here for a link to the Kaytetye Songs on the Music Outback website, supported by CALL.

Neutral Junction School

Here are songs written by Kaytetye people from Tara community with Music Outback Foundation and linguist Myfany Turpin (University of Sydney).

Kaytetye Songs

1.     Arelpe Nharte Erlkwe

2.     Twepe-twepe Ampilerantye

3.     Ngimarre atherre

4.     Ntelyapelyape

5.     Rarre ketye!

6.     Thangkenharenge

7.     Thangkenharenge arenye

8.     Tyekerre alarreyayne

9.     Wampere Wampere


Most of the Kaytetye songs are based on Dreamtime stories told by the late Tommy Kngwarraye Thompson to Neutral Junction school. These stories were told on Country visits and related to these places.

Images from left to right:

1. Arelparenge country visit 2005; foundation for the song ‘Arelpe Nharte Erlkwe’ Photo: Rosemary Kerrison.

2. Elkertelhe country visit 2005; inspiring the song ‘Wampere wampere’ Photo: Rosemary Kerrison.

3. Country visit 2006; inspiring the song ‘Twepe-twepe’. Photo: Steve Berry.

Images from left to right:

1. Rachel Nambulla doing artwork for ‘Ntelyapelyape’ song Photo: Myfany Turpin.

2, 3. Lyric writing after country visit to Arrimpere 2007; foundation for the song ‘Tyekerre alarreyayne’ Photo: Angela Harrison.

Kaytetye & English

1.     Peltye (Games song)

Songs © Neutral Juction School, Music Outback Foundation and individuals as credited in each book.


The Kaytetye language is owned by the Kaytetye people of the Northern Territory. These resources are published here for the purposes of Kaytetye education and language maintenance and have been developed following cultural protocols of prior informed consent, attribution to Kaytetye people, communities, cultural integrity and the sharing of benefits. The resources here should not be used outside of Kaytetye communities for education or commercial purposes. If one is considering these uses contact Kaytetye teacher, Music Outback Foundation or Dealing with any part for any purpose that has not been authorised may breach the customary laws of the Kaytetye people, and may also breach copyright and moral rights under the Copyright Act 1968 (Australian Commonwealth).


Funding to produce these resources have been provided by the Northern Territory Department of Education, The University of Sydney and CALL (Batchelor Institute)