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Rosie Jin-mujinggul and Charlie Mawundanga lived at Ji-balbal outstation in North-Central Arnhem Land in Australia. They lived a strong and traditional way of life using skills that they learned from their elders when they were growing up in the bush. In this video they show how to build a gorragorra, a bush sleeping platform, and a belabila shade structure to go over it. These were the kinds of structures that Arnhem Landers lived in every day until quite recently. Rosie and Charlie wanted their grandchildren and great-grandchildren to know how their forebears lived, and they made this film for that purpose. Betty Warnduk also appears in the video, helping Rosie and Charlie to build the shelter.


Duration: 31:18 minutes

Aboriginal viewers are warned that this DVD contains images of people who have passed away.

The stories and images in this DVD contain traditional knowledge of the Gun-nartpa and Djinang people, and have been presented with the consent and knowledge of the story tellers and knowledge custodians.

DVD cover and label design: Christine Bruderlin

Camera: Anthony Mercuri

Voiceover Rose Ngardiny Darcy

Transcription and translation: Rose Ngardiny Darcy and Margaret Carew

Editing and subtitles: Margaret Carew