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Tim's Journey

Tim's Journey Back in Time is the story of an Eastern Anmatyerr boy from Engawala community who travels back in time to meet the Alcoota megafauna who also lived on his country. The women created the story during their Visual Arts studies at Batchelor Institute. A collaboration with Engawala community artists, Museum and Art Gallery NT (MAGNT), and Batchelor Institute's Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics (CALL) led to the production of this bilingual animated fictional story and the book of the same name. The animation can be seen at the Megafauna Museum in Alice Springs and on you tube. The book is available through MAGNT and CALL. The Engawala artists will soon have a brand new art centre at Engawala. 300 books are being distributed to all schools on arandic language country. If your school hasn't received your copies, please contact CALL at Batchelor Institute.