Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics


The Batjamalh, Emmi and Mendhe language groups in the north-west Top End of the Northern Territory were supported by CALL to increase their language resources for language learning. One workshop was held in November 2022 with Batjamalh speakers and another one was held in April 2023 with Batjamalh, Emmi and Mendhe speakers.

In these workshops speakers of language groups were able to work on a range of posters and sentence structures using examples of family, body parts and animals and plants. Additionally, they were eagerly working on My Family and body parts posters as well as animal books. This was a great way for the younger generation to engage in learning and conversations with the older generation, working together through thoughts and ideas. Batjamalh, Emmi and Mendhe speakers also had the opportunity to go through their alphabets, sound practices and sound rules. 

There were many highlights from these workshops, the main highlight being Batjamalh, Emmi and Mendhe speakers were excited to form self-introduction sentences. This is very important for these language groups as they are now able to practice and introduce themselves to family and friends. These workshops are very important for the speakers of Batjamalh, Emmi and Mendhe as it provides guidance and confidence for speakers of all ages to create multimedia language resources for different levels of learning, to teach one another and to connect closer to Elders.