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Apmere angkentye-kenhe | A place for language

CALL is proud to support the Apmere Angentye-kenhe project, launched in June 2017. This project was produced by Watch this Space Inc, in collaboration with an Arrernte language team.

Link to the Apmere Ankentye-kenhe website for more information about this project.
50 Arrernte words
50 Arrernte words
The Apmere angkentye-kenhe team have produced this excellent poster
Contact Watch this Space if you’d like to order a copy
$12 each!
Listen to the words on Soundcloud

Unthemele awetyeke – Arrernte learning audio walk

As part of the Apmere Angentye-kenhe project, Lowlie Gorey, Allie Rice, Michael Gorey and Peter Coco Wallace worked with Beth Sometimes and Mary Flynn to produce an audio walking tour. The tour takes the listener for a walk through Alice Springs and introduces them to a number of Arrernte places, including the sacred tree in the centre of town.

Apmere ankentye-kenhe is a project of Watch this Space, conceived by artist Beth Sometimes. All artworks and other creative outcomes are attributed to the Apmere angentye-kenhe team.