Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics

Language and Linguistics Courses

Batchelor Institute, in partnership with Charles Darwin University, offers the following courses in Linguistics:

IAS163 Introduction to Linguistics

IAS165 Language in Society

IAS252 Language and Identity

IAS264 Language Documentation Methods and Tools

IAS265 Meaning in Language: Semantics

IAS266 Language Acquisition

IAS267 Languages in Contact

IAS268 Sounds and Sound Systems: Phonetics and Phonology

IAS269 Word and Sentence Structure: Morphology and Syntax

IAS363 Language Planning for Revitalisation and Maintenance

IAS364 Dictionary Making

IAS366 Language Centre Management

Exploring Linguistic Diversity in Australian Indigenous languages (in development)


These can be taken as part of the Diploma of Arts and the Bachelor of Arts.


For further questions, please contact Paola Fischer (08 8946 6028) or James Bednall (08 8946 7123).