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The Mail Run

Drawing of envelope with Australia Post stamp

The Mail Run was part of station life during the mid-20th Century to the extent that 'mailrun' was part of the local vernacular. Station owners would wait on the mailrun for their mail to come in. Every couple of weeks one of the Aboriginal men would head off from Horseshoe Bend with the mail for all the nearby stations. They'd do the government run too, down to Oodnadatta, Maree etc. The men who did it loved it, heading off on a camping trip on horseback. This little film made in the Martutharra Luritja language project at Batchelor tells a bit about this life. By Maureen Campbell

The Camel Bite

boy with head in camel's mouth

Camels were very much a part of Aboriginal people's life. When my kids were young they knew what to do when they came across a camel. They'd jam it up into a corner and get on and ride it. They'd ride it home if they needed to. They were clever these kids. And they had freedom to run. They'd head off in the morning and come back later one for breakfast. This funny little story gives an insight into our life with camels. By Maureen Campbell